Friday, 25 April 2014

Five hates Friday!!

Lots of people are thanking god its Friday but not me. I work every other weekend and so Fridays make me a miserable person.
So i have created a list of five things I hate to cheer myself up :) Here goes:

1. The obvious - Being in work on a Friday! when everybody else is off especially when the sun is shining and its BBQ weather ( Not very often in the UK)

2. When I forget to record my favourite TV shows. I hate missing an episode of anything.
3. Marmite! - Its disgusting it tastes like tar or something else horrid.
4. Scary films - I just cant cope with anything scary at all. My mind plays tricks and I cant sleep for days 
5. last but not least and a hate I share with lots of people - SPIDERS.

Em x

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