Monday, 2 June 2014

Beautiful Bath

Yesterday I got up late and was wondering what would be fun to do for a few hours. In the end we popped into Bath which is just 20 minutes from where I live. Since I moved to the area 6 years ago, bath has been the closest city to me and I have taken it for granted and so I decided to take this opportunity to big up Bath. Here are a few reasons Bath is great.

Its Beautiful

I don't know much about old buildings and architecture but I do know that the buildings in bath are some of the prettiest I have seen.
There is the Abbey which is stunning but so are lots of the other buildings around and about. The weir is beautiful and dramatic, Pulteney weir is so visually stunning in fact that it was used in the filming of Les Miserables.

Lots to do

Like all cities Bath has lots of fun and interesting things to do both day time and night time. There are tons of great restaurants to choose from with lots of different styles of food. The Roman Baths, Thermae Spa, Royal Crescent and  the Abbey itself will keep you busy all day but if you still have energy by the nigh time there is a lively night life.


There are not as many shops in Bath as there are in larger cities however there are far more pretty little boutiques where you can stumble upon a special find. I love shopping in bath for unique gifts and interesting items.

I'm 100% sure i have left loads of things out but this was my snippet on why Bath is great, I hope you liked it

Em x

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