Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Broken Skies by Theresa Kay Review

Thirty years ago, civilization collapsed. Few survived.
Ten years ago, the aliens arrived…and stayed.
One year ago, I killed two men and went a little crazy.
Today, the aliens took my brother and I will do anything to get him back.

In seventeen-year-old Jax Mitchell's world, humans are nearly extinct and alien settlers have arrived.

Until recently, the E’rikon have remained segregated in their city and ignored the few humans who have tried to engage them… but now they have taken Jax’s brother. To rescue him, she forms an uneasy alliance with a teenage E’rikon left stranded in the woods. She agrees to guide him to the city if he sneaks her past the human-proof barrier. Too bad it’s not that simple.

Jax, who cannot stand to be touched, finds that she’s drawn to the alien boy with bright green hair and jewel-like scales down his back. And he’s equally affected by her, the courageous redhead with haunted eyes. But she doesn’t know the alien’s true motives and he has no idea that she is much more than she seems.

In this world where alien and human are at odds, the connection forming between the two has consequences. What started off as a rescue mission sets a chain of events in motion which threatens not only the remaining humans and the growing alien society, but Earth itself

This story is based around a fiery, red headed tomboy named Jasmine or Jax for short. After the collapse of human civilisation Jax lived with her twin brother in a secluded cabin in the woods.
Girls are used as currency to be sold and bred in special breeding camps. Men protect the  camp and oh yeah fight the war against the aliens.

I loved the mix of dystopia and science fiction. I never put this story down.

When Jax twin brother is kidnapped by the aliens she turns to the only available person for help. Lir - an alien who has been abandoned by his group and left in the woods. 
Jax was a wonderfully courageous character, fighting for her life as well as her  brother and at some points Lir. She fought through an internal battle with her emotions towards Lir. Loving Jax was not hard she appealed to the stubborn side of me. Lir was a great and extremely likeable character if not a little bit of a mystery, I would have enjoyed a few chapter from Lir's point of view but maybe that will be coming in the next book.

I loved the dynamic of this story. The characters were interesting, Three dimensional and realistic. There many twists and turns throughout the plot that kept things interesting.  

I loved everything in this story from the relationships especially the complex feelings going on between Jax and Lir, the fight that continues throughout the plot and the cliff hanger ending that has me 100% waiting for the next instalment of the story.

Thanks for reading

Em x

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