Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Fictional Boyfriend Tag

The Most Romantic Boyfriend:

 Edward From Twilight. Even though there is all of the drama going on in the books he is still super lovely to Bella. They lie in the fields and stare into each others eyes. How romantic!!

The Dark & Moody Bad Boy with a Good Side: 

Patch from the Hush Hush series. He doesn't give much away in the way of emotions. He is seriously dangerous but he would be able to protect us from all of the baddies. He has a rocking body, a secret apartment and can communicate with people in their dreams. HOT!!

The Paranormal Boyfriend: 

Damien from the Lux Series. Hes just amazing. I dont need to say more!

The Boyfriend you Want to Tame:

The Darkling from the Grisha series. He was so appealing in the first book when he was all bad and sexy but still seemed to have a hidden niceness. I wouldn't want to stop him being bad ass just not evil I suppose 

The Boy you Friend-Zoned:

 Scott from Hush Hush. Some times I like him other times not so much. I think it would be best if we were just great friends. 

Your Soulmate: 

Four from the divergent series. He is just amazing. He is strong physically and emotionally. He is very nice to looks at i mean Theo James Hello!!. He could save my life! He has a hot tattoo. Do you need more?

The Boyfriend you would Elope with: 

Nikolai from the Grisha Series because he is an adventurer as well as an inventor. We would have the best mode of transport and be able to travel wherever took our fancy. He is easy going and charming but also funny so you wouldn't get bored.

The Boyfriend you want to be Stranded on a Deserted Island with:

Zane from the True Calling Series. He is devoted and loyal but also pretty bad ass. He knows how to stay alive and keep me alive too

Thanks For Reading

Em x

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