Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Frozen Dreams by Cori Williams

25019648My life was perfect. I had everything I wanted, including the love of a man that intended to make all of my dreams come true. 
“…the night my life as I knew it ended.” 

In the blink of an eye, all I'd once known was ripped away. Suffering in limbo, full of fear and regret, I had only memories and dreams to comfort me, urging me to fight. 

"...marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled..." 
But they stole it all. 
Awakened to betrayal and pain, I struggle to find a new beginning. Yet the past seeps in, pulling me under. No matter how hard I try to keep my head above water, it threatens to ruin me. 

How can I really live with my hopes for the future still frozen? And if the ice thaws, will I have the courage to build new dreams? 
Contains mature content, suitable for 17+ 
This is a standalone

The beginning of this story is gripping!! its absolutely terrifying thinking that the main character had been kidnapped to teach her a lesson. Grasping my interest so early on in the story made me interested for the entire story. 

Emmy is a very likeable character. She is the right kind of vulnerable before she grows stronger and she isn't dependant on a boy, she doesn't stick with Austin because he is her first love but instead kicks him to the kerb to  better herself. This girl spend very little time moping around and actually does things that will help her improve as a person. I like that.

Gannon is a perfect companion for Emmy and the romance isn't instant which makes it more believable. She actually doesn't like him very much to begin with but he gets under her skin and he listens. Gannon takes that time to understand what Emmy needs and eventually she begins to fall for him. 

There are a few twists and turns in the plot which keep it fresh and lots of characters to keep things exciting. It didn't take long to read at all and was very enjoyable. I expected a soppy romance but I got a well thought out story about two people who fall in love. The plot is part past part present, A little bit Austin, A little bit Gannon a lot Emmy, sound confusing? it actually is not!! the multiple perspectives help to create a well rounded story.

this is the only book by Cori Williams that I have read and I cannot wait to grab another.  

I received this story in exchange for an honest review.

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Em x

Friday, 6 November 2015

As I Am by Annalisa Grant


“You’re not invisible. You’re invaluable.”

When Kinley Carmichael looks in the mirror, she doesn’t see her blonde-haired, blue-eyed, size 4 twin sister. She sees her dark-haired, brown-eyed, size 12 self. 
Kinley and her twin sister Addison are excited to start their second summer as counselors at The Camp at Lake Hollis. All Kinley wants is to earn enough money to meet up with her mother so they travel the world as professional photographers. All Addison wants is to work on her tan, seduce a boy, and build her fashion budget. And while Kinley and Addison couldn’t be more opposite, nothing has ever stopped them from being the best of friends. 
It’s an especially great summer for Kinley as the official camp photographer and Notre Dame Quarterback Cal Harper showing interest in her. But when poet Miller Conrad arrives and rejects Addison’s advances, showing more interest in Kinley, true colors will shine and the sisters’ bond will be tested.
As Kinley and Miller’s connection deepens, Kinley feels like she can truly be herself without the internal scrutiny she’s developed in the shadow of her sister. But when Kinley inadvertently uncovers a terrible secret at the camp, Miller is left facing the demons of his own reasons for coming to Lake Hollis.
What was supposed to be the greatest summer of Kinley’s life turns out to be more life-changing than she ever imagined.

I was kindly sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley.

First off I am not really keen on the cover for this book but I don't think it would put me off reading it. 

So Kinley and Addison go to camp to be counsellors and earn some cash while having a fun summer. They are twins but they don't really look alike and they are different people so they have different personalities. 

Kinley was a really cute and sweet character, she helped other people out and forgave things that I consider unforgivable but she is not really into arguing so it makes sense. She is curvier than Addy and Addy makes sure that she knows about it. She has quite low self esteem but is working on it. Kinley has a great group of friends at camp and they all love and support her which is clear in the book, it helps her get through her problems.

I love books that have a moral and this one does. As I Am is teaching us to love ourselves for who we are not what we look like. Miller doesn't judge Kinley by what she looks like but instead he gets to know her and that is what we all should do. 
As I Am also tells us to take control of our own lives and do things that you want to do because you want to do it not because somebody else has told you to. 

In general the story is a feel good story. I loved that the characters all seemed to act the ages that they are not older or younger.I think it might have been interesting to have dual perspectives and read a bit from Addison's point of view.

I gave it a 3 star on Goodreads

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Em x


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins


These are the two cover styles that I have come across for the first book in this series, personally I much prefer the second one. 

This book was lots of fun to read. There are tons of different characters with different powers and abilities to read about. Hex Hall is kind of Harry Potter meets Wild Child meets Saint Trinians.

Sophie was easy to relate to because she was a bit of a wally. She isn't a very good witch and she is just on the wrong side of awkward. Sophie certainly is not a popular kid. Sophie has sarcasm which I love a heroine to have, basically she just seems like a normal teenage girl with magical powers. I like that she is a bit naughty and doesn't really care about being in trouble.

Archer was a bit dull. he was the same as every other male character until he turned out to be the baddie. Obviously something fishy is going on there and I will need to read the next book to find out what it is but it made him that little bit more interesting. It was Cal that was described as sexy and lumber jacky which makes me think that we will get to see more of him as the sequel continues. 
Jenna was my favourite because she was funny, sad and confused all at the same time. I loved her spirit.

It did take me a few goes to get into this book but once I did I sped through it.

Thanks For Reading

Em x