Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood


This is the story of Cate and her two younger sisters whose mother died a few years earlier without being able to teach the girls what they needed o know in a time that is potentially deadly for the three. The land is controlled by a group of men who call themselves the Brothers, they hate witches and imprison or kill any girl that is a bit strange or that they think might possibly be a witch.
What I did not like!
The love interest - or at least one of them. I liked the relationship between Finn and Cate because it seemed like they had some chemistry but the romance blossomed really speedily and I don't like when authors do that because it is hard to get behind the couple. The whole thing with Paul felt a bit forced from the moment the reunited, he seemed like a snake to me and so the appeal was completely lost.
Lack of Action - other than a lot of Cate's bitching at her sisters and whoever else might be in her way and maybe two or three magic spells there is no action all. and the book is 330 pages long!
Cate - She was pretty dull. I think that Tess would have made a much better main character because other than being bossy Cate didn't have much about her.
Lack of Magic - for a book about witches there is almost no magic at all. I get that them being witches is a secret but surely they would at least practise what they know. Maybe more magic would have made the story more exciting.
What I did like!
Girl Power - I loved the sisters together thing that was going on and how the girls were not pretty little wall flowers.
I loved the writing style, the story flowed really nicely and that's what kept me going with the story.
The Brothers and the sisterhood seemed like it was going somewhere really interesting and maybe it does in the follow up books. I liked the inner battle that Cate went through nearing the end of the book because of the pressure that she and her mother put on herself.
The cover is stunning!!
I neither loved nor hated this story. It was one of my first efforts at reading anything even remotely from a previous era and it has made me curious of what else there is out there for me in this genre.
I would be interested in reading more by Jessica Spotwood because even though I have not loved this story I did find her writing style easy to follow and comfortable to get into.
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