Saturday, 12 March 2016

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

An angel is sent to earth on a mission. But falling in love is not part of the plan.
The three angels that were sent down to earth on their special mission were Gabriel, Ivy and Bethany each with their own special skills but Bethany is the most human. They were sent to restore the good in a world that is falling under the bad influence of darker powers. It is imperative that they keep the fact that they are angels a secret from humans.
Bethany meets Xavier Woods and the attraction between them is too strong to ignore even though Gabriel and Ivy do everything they an to try and stop it.
Bethany was sent to Venus cove which is a lovely little town that doesn't really seem to need saving considering the grand scheme of things you would think that they would at least be in a city known for crime and homelessness but no Bethany has a beautiful house and the beach just a short walk away from her home. What was God thinking? Ivy volunteers and seems like the only one out of the trio that tries to do some good in the town, Gabriel teaches at the school where Bethany gets enrolled.
The story is set around Bethany's pathetic love for Xavier the school heart throb who was broken by the traumatic death of his then girlfriend Emily who died in a house fire. Eventually with maybe 150 pages to go the bad guy arrives and guess what!! he is hot stuff and brooding in a way that normally catches the main girls attention but no Bethany is pathetically in love with Xavier.
This book is pretty much Hush, Hush but worse! I actually liked Hush, Hush but Halo I just cant stand.
Xavier always seems to be looking after and bossing Bethany around. She needs him to help her complete the most simplistic of tasks such as eating and carrying a bag. It seems worrying to me that a relationship like this could be idolised by young girls. As it is the relationship that is the majority of the book it was this that I had the biggest problem with. Bethany is literally an angel but hardly blinks that she might be damned if she doesn't stop seeing Xavier, she just does it anyway! She is more obsessive than anything and when they have been apart for a page she misses him!! I wonder if Alexandra has ever experienced a real relationship herself because this is not only unrealistic but its not ideal!
I found all of the characters flat and they could have been plucked from any other paranormal romance book out there and I would have cared more about them than I cared for Bethany or Xavier and their devastating romance.
I do however wish Alexandra Adornetto luck in her next publishing as I believe she was young when she wrote this. Maybe she has now grown as a writer and gained herself more experiences.
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