Saturday, 18 November 2017

As you Wish - Chelsea Sedoti

This book is set in a small town with a secret. Everyone from the town gets to make a wish on their 18th birthday. The Wishes can be an amazing thing but they can also ruin your life.

This was a really fun and interesting idea that I was interested to get my teeth stuck into. The first chapter had me thinking about the things that I would wish for if I had the opportunity.

The characters are obviously in a unique situation and that instantly makes them interesting. Through out the story we got to meet so many people from the town as we learnt about their wishes and the consequences of those wishes.

The book spends time looking at the things that other people had wished for.

The book is a little slow and quite long (400 pages) but there were a few important points that we touched upon and that I really appreciated.

Overall it was a good attempt and an interesting concept.

Thanks For Reading

Em x 

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