Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Whistle in the Dark by Emma Healey

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Jen' s daughter Lana went missing for 4 long days from a art trip with her mum in the peak district. When Lana is found she is mostly unharmed apart from a few bumps and bruising but she seems different. The police can't get Lana to talk about what happened to her while she was missing and this is driving Jen crazy (Literally). Jen then works on trying to figure out what happened by herself by asking Lana questions to which Lana refuses to answer, searching through phones and quizzing Lana's friends. 

So to start Lana was a troubled teen so to spend time with her Jen takes her to a painting week in the Peak District. They meet some strange people and seem to be getting on much better and then Lana goes missing. While Jen is trying to figure out what happened we read about how her paranoid behavior grows and grows. The paranoia helps to keep the mystery going in the book. 

The story is well written and I don't want to say this is a bad book because I did enjoy parts of it. I enjoyed the relationships between the families and the differences between Lana and Meg. 

I requested this book because I felt captured by the synopsis but the story was very slow. The speed of the story helped to build the intrigue and when Jen found a new clue i found myself trying to figure out what happened. I felt like I was being built up for this WOW ending but that never arrived.  

I think if the ending was different then the slow burning read would have been worth it but the ending was lack luster. I do wonder though if this story is just not my cup of tea and it might be something that others enjoy much more. 

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