Thursday, 31 January 2019

Sweet Reckoning by Wengy Higgins


It’s time. 
Evil is running rampant and sweet Anna Whitt is its target. Nobody knows when or how the Dukes will strike, but Anna and her Nephilim allies will do anything necessary to rid the earth of the demons and their oppressive ways.
The stakes are higher than ever, and Anna is determined that the love she feels will be her strength, not a liability. But trying to protect the ones she loves while running for her life and battling demonic forces proves to be perilous—especially as faces are changing and trust is fleeting. When the Duke of Lust sends Anna’s great love, Kaidan Rowe, to work against her, Anna must decide how much she’s prepared to risk.
In the most sensual and fast-paced instalment yet, Sweet Reckoning brings all the beloved Neph together one last time to fight for their freedom

So as you will have read from the previous reviews I have been really enjoying this series. The characters are still extremely well written and full of well..... Character. 
I enjoyed reading about the twins much more in this instalment than I have done in the previous two books and I think this is because Ginger is written as more of a person instead of just a bitch. 
Kope and Z have gotten together which is both strange and sweet. I didn't find Kope quite as interesting in this book as I have in the previous books. 

I do have a couple more niggles in this book compared to the previous two mostly because parts of the book just felt quite predictable. I could almost guess what was going to happen. I have also been confused as to why the Duke of Lust doesn't just find Anna to see if she is pure himself as he clearly doesn't trust Kaidan to do it. I could have lived without the adoption at the ending because that made everything end just a little bit too perfectly. 

All that being said, I have really enjoyed this series and it has for sure been one of my favourite Angel book series that I have read. 

I would recommend this series to anybody that has enjoyed the Mortal Instruments and maybe even Twilight. 

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