Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Her Wild Ride by Heather Van Fleet


I’m not a hero. I’m a bad dude who’s done bad things. And the sooner she understands that, the better off we’ll be. 

I’ve just got out of prison and I’m running from my MC, so my step-sister’s best friend has agreed to drive me across the country. 

Summer’s my ride. That’s all. But she captivates me, and I don’t have a damn clue why. She’s a distraction I can’t afford. 

Is it because I’ve been told she’s forbidden? 

Is it because she’s preppy and freakin’ beautiful, so not a part of my world? 

With every mile of our trip, every spark of connection, she seems to inch closer to me. The temptation is too much to resist. 

But she has no idea just how dangerous life would be with me. I broke club rules. I betrayed my brothers to save a woman’s life. If the Red Dragons find us we’ll be in trouble. And if I give into my desires, she’ll be in deeper than she realises… 

I was expecting a fun road trip kind of story with bad boy Niyol and preppy Summer and I got that but this story was so much more than that too. 

Niyol is Bad even on your usual bad boy standards but somehow we can still see that he isn't as bad as he makes out. We can see almost straight away that Niyol has some kind of feelings for Summer but he tries his hardest to resist, not wanting her to fall into his world. Summer challenges Niyol probably in ways he has never been challenged before and he likes that about her. 

I loved the dual POV for this book i think it definitely needed for us to see both perspectives to enjoy the story. Heather's writing style is smooth and fun, i wizzed through this book super quickly which is always nice. 

The ending left me with questions! mostly I want to know if Lisa is a traitor or if she did it for some other reason. there were a lot more twists and turns than I expected. 

I have never ever read a Biker story let alone a biker romance and I didnt know that this was something I needed in my life but I do. 

A fun book that I would recommend. 

Thanks for Reading


Thank you Heather and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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