Monday, 1 July 2019

Collide by Nicole Sobon

Three simple words were all it took to change their lives forever. 

Losing a loved one is hard. Learning to survive in their absence? That’s even harder. For Gemma Michaels, life had become difficult following her brother’s death, but the one thing that kept her afloat was the one thing she knew she shouldn’t have desired – her best friend, Ben. 
He’d made a promise to her brother – to protect her, no matter what. For Ben, that had meant that she was off limits. But then she slips and tells him the three words he’s been waiting to hear. 
Love happens when you least expect it. 

This book is the perfect example of short but sweet. I whizzed through this book which is exactly what I needed to get myself out of my reading slump. 

I loved Ben and Gemma, They feel like they are really genuine characters. We are almost instantly brought into their love for each other but it isn't actually insta love, these guys have loved each other for a long time. 

It doesn't hurt that Ben on the cover looks like Theo James. 

I love that towards the end of the book we are brought into some drama rather than chucking everything at us all at once. 

Hopefully I can get my hands on book 2!

Thanks For Reading 

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