Wednesday, 15 July 2020

LOKI: Where Mischief Lies by Mackenzi Lee

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We start this book with a young Loki and Thor trying to figure out who is most suited for king and where Thor is physically strong Loki is developing his magic skills.
Odin seems to be favouring Thor and punishing Loki or at least that's how Loki feels when he is sent to Midguard (We would call it Earth).

We recently watched the Marvel movies and Loki was one of my favourite characters. He had that bad guy/ Villain kind of vibe that I like in a character because the villains are normally more interesting. When I saw this book in my local Tesco's of all places I immediately picked it up and I was drawn to reading it almost straight away which never happens.

The idea of reading about Loki before the Avengers and about his story was appealing to me and I wasn't disappointed. Not only is the story interesting, fast paced and fun but it is set in Asgard and 19th Century London.

The way Mackenzi Lee has written really lets us imagine the attitude and feeling of the characters and we are introduced to a whole bunch of characters we haven't met before as well as some that we have.

I was left feeling for Loki way more than I expected to especially after the conversations between Odin and Loki. It was really helpful to the Marvel story and explained some of the behaviours that we see Loki have. 

The story itself is also really interesting so even if you are not a Marvel fan then you would enjoy this book. 

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