Thursday, 27 February 2014

Review: False nails from primark

Now I'm not normally one for reviewing make up or beauty products because there are lots and lots of beauty bloggers that know much much more than I do about these kinds of things but I do love a bargain and if a product is good then I want to tell you about it!
Never before have I purchased any make up or beauty products from Primark before mostly because I stick to the brands and products that I like and that work for me but on a recent trip I saw that the Primark near me had an entire wall of false nails. There must have been over 50 different designs and lengths to choose from. Priced between £1 and £3 I decided to grab myself a pair and see how they go ( I was not holding out much hope). Normally I would go for a classic French manicure look so naturally this time I chose these.
I was obviously drawn to this cupcake design I mean its fun and a bit silly. I chose these because I loved them but like I said there were loads of different styles.

considering that these nails set me back £1 I had lots of enjoyment out of them. They are just as good as nails I have bought before for £8 and they come with a small tube of glue ( The same as other brands). For me personally they were a little bit long as I write at work but that would not be the case for everyone. I only wore them for one day but I got lots of compliments on them!

Honestly next time you need nails have a look. It might save you a few pounds.

Have you tried these? or bought any bargains yourself?

Em x

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Review - Breo Bag Buddy

I received the Breo bag buddy last week and I was really excited to review it. I wanted to wait until I had given the watch a really good go before I told you all about it to see what worked and what didn't.

The Breo Bag Buddy can be bought in 4 different colours NavyPurple, Mint or Black. At only £15 they are very reasonably priced by anyone's standards especially with a whole collection of celebrities being seen wearing the Breo brand. These Bag Buddys are a new take on your standard wrist watch, In fact they do not go on you wrist at all but instead your bag as the name suggests. 
Breo suggest clipping the watch onto your beach bag, backpack or belt loop and they are 100% right the Bag Buddy attaches to everything I have even had it attached to the handle of my dogs lead this week and that was brilliant. These watches are made from a durable rubber and so they can be given a bit of tough love, they are not just going to break if you knock it once. 
The Bag Buddy is water resistant to 5ATM so it is fine in the shower and swimming but maybe not diving. It can withstand pretty extreme temperatures and I honestly can not think of a situation that the Bag Buddy is not suitable for. 

I will love using this when I am travelling as I think the Bag Buddy is really handy. I am amazed at how easily this one little gadget makes my life much simpler.

When I received my Bag Buddy I attached it to my bag and carried on with everyday tasks to see how convenient it is. Usually I have my hands full and my phone at the bottom of my oversized handbag making checking the time almost impossible and with the increasing popularity of charm bracelets wearing a watch isn't always possible either. With the Bag Buddy it was so easy to check the time even with my hands full because the watch is on the outside of my bag. 
I think the Bag Buddies are a much safer way of accessing the time if you are stopped by a stranger as in the past people would pull out an expensive Iphone or other smart phone and leave themselves open to theft and things where as it is so easy to access the time you do not even have to stop when using the Bag Buddy.   

I'm hoping that Breo intend to bring out more colours as I would love to see a pink option but I am in love with the purple Bag Buddy I received. 
If you would like your very own Bag Buddy then you can get one here.

From me its absolutely a 10/10 product.

Em x