Friday, 26 December 2014

Barbados: The Flight Review

Where have I been you might not need to ask as the title gives this away but I have been preparing for and enjoying the lovely country of Barbados. I thought I would put together a little series of things I loved and maybe some that I didn't love quite so much.

First off: The flight and the airport

Now many of you will have been to Gatwick airport many times but for me it was a first. I have always caught my planes at Bristol Airport in the past and so in comparison it was huge. Stepping into the airport and seeing everything all at once made me panic a little bit. I am not afraid of flying but there is something about travelling that makes me anxious. I tried Kalms this trip and they worked a treat!!

Check in was extremely easy and getting through security was a breeze. We then headed to the Vroom (Virgins very own departure lounge) We were greeted and checked in swiftly and made our way to the complimentary breakfast. There was so much on offer here from Cereal and Cupcakes to Juices, Tea and Coffee and everything in-between. We were shown to some comfortable seating where we could see the aeroplanes taking off and landing. 

The plane itself was huge and we had chosen to sit right at the back. The air hostess was funny and polite before take off and was telling us about the weather in Barbados. After take off we were all served drinks and given a bag of pretzels which were yummy. 

The Food

We were given a little menu at the start of our flight so that we knew what we were going to receive during the trip and we got to choose our main course, I thought that was a nice touch. I chose lasagne and as far as plane food goes it was nice. We also received an afternoon tea a couple of hours before landing which was delicious. 


Virgin use Veto on their flights and each seat has their own personal screen in the seat in front of them. I wasn't expecting too much as far as entertainment goes but I was proved wrong within the first five minutes of getting on the aircraft. There were an endless amount of films and TV series, Music and Documentaries to watch. I watched several films on the way there and on the way back including The Fault in Our Stars, Lucy and 22 Jump Street.
The music choices were also extensive with a bit of something for everyone.


I don't think travelling is ever comfortable and my anxiety certainly doesn't help me relax however on the flight to Barbados there was lots to distract me and that made the flight more comfortable. I would say that Virgins flight was more comfortable than other planes i have been on.

Thanks For Reading

Em x

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