Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo Review

I loved the first book in this series. I loved the second book in this series. I liked this book. 
There was action and there was romance but there was not enough of the Darkling for my liking. 

This part of the story did help me better understand Baghra and the Darklings story which was interesting. I grew to love Baghra a little more each time she turned up in a scene. Baghra really loved her son and we get to see that actually the Darkling loves her right back. It shows that he is still human. 

The Darkling has been a character that I love to hate. He has been swoon worthy and complicated, evil and considerate. He has surprised me at every turn. I wonder if he actually had any feelings for Alina at all. He is definitely a character that should be hated but its confusing when you love him instead.

Mal was much better in this book than he has been so far in the series. He was actually interesting. I enjoyed following him in their search.  

Alina could have been a queen but instead she made a decision that was easy and predictable. The ending kind of let the story down for me, I mean it was nice but that wasn't what I expected (or wanted) from this series. I mean I get it. I understand the choices Alina made but I wanted more for her, for her to have the power and the future that she truly deserved. 

I cant go too deep into the book without risking giving too much away. I 100% enjoyed the series as a whole.

Thanks for reading

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