Friday, 24 April 2015

Finale by Becca Fitzgerald Review

I am kind of going to review two books in one here because I read Silence and Finale back to back.
The last review i did for the Hush Hush series was not a particularly positive one. It was after the second book and I was left unsure as to whether I would carry on or not but I wouldn't have been satisfied until I completed it so I read the next two. 

I liked it. I mean This series is never going to make any of my top 10s but it was OK. 

Nora Killed her dad and became the leader of the Nephilim but the first thing she does in the 4th book is go to a night club. Nora has her priorities a little bit wrong in my book. 

This part of the book has a lot of death and some major players don't make it but nobody seems sad at all. If one of my besties  popped their cloggs then I would be really sad for at least a few paragraphs but not Nora she is relentless. 

Nora and Patch are pretend broken up in this book except Nora has told nearly everyone that its fake and he is always turning up to rescue her so how anybody believed this plan is beyond me. 

There were a lot more twists and turns in these last two books and they were a lot more exciting than the first two. I wanted a little more romance in the last book but everyone was so busy that they didn't have a second together but that is just a preference.I would of preferred a different ending but again this is just a personal thing. 

Over all I was pretty happy with the series except for book two I could have given that a miss. 

Thanks For Reading

Em x

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