Tuesday, 5 May 2015

From a Distant Star by Karen McQuestion

Who doesnt love a book where the lead character shares your name? Emma was a powerful teen and played the sort of hero to this Novel. 

Emma's boyfriend Lucas is dying from cancer and his family have accepted this but not Emma. She is determined to find a way to save him. Miracles happen in the form of Scout, an alien who is stuck on earth after his space ship was shot down. Scout borrows Lucas' body makes him better and tries to get back to his own people. Sound simple? it is not.
It doesnt take Emma and Eric (Lucas' little brother to notice that something is not right and that Lucas is acting pretty strange.
Together Emma and Lucas who is not Lucas but is Scout head out on a road trip to find someone to help them.

I just finished From a distant star and I really liked it. It had eliments that reminded me of Stephane Meyers Host which is one of my all time favourites but it also has its own unique twist on the alien romance. Unlike Host which was a tricky book to get into this story is easy to read and gripping from the very start. Not only is the cover beautiful but the topics covered are dealt with wonderfully too.

We get to view earth from an outsiders point of view and it is wonderful and confusing. If we take note of what Scout learns in his brief time on earth then we could become better people too. For example, Scout questions our need to judge people on appearances and teaches Emma to trust strangers just a little bit more. 

We meet a whole range of different characters in this story from a protective mother to a crazy old lady and everything in-between. 

Over all I can not fault this novel. I enjoyed it. 

Thanks for Reading 

Em x

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