Friday, 1 May 2015

Light of a thousand stars (True Calling 2.5) By Siobhan Davis

I am excited every single time I get to read anything new from Siobhan Davis because I know it will be an amazing read and this novella was no different. Similar in style to Love struck we see an snippet of what life was like before Novo for Zane and Ari. 

Normally this cover would not be my thing at all however this is exactly what Zane and Ari look like! It sums up their relationship in one perfect picture and the stars over the cover add the mystery. I love all of the other covers and this one fits in beautifully with the others in the series.

The novella has a different feel to it than Love Struck all of the feelings are there but the difference between the two boys is apparent. Cal was trying to play it cool with Ari whereas Zane lets her know how he is feeling always. Reading this Ari acts like a completely different girl. Which of course she would, even though she has something looming over her that she is trying to work out she still has a more carefree attitude that we have not seen before and I hope we get to see a little more of this Ari.
Now is the perfect time to bring in these novellas, I felt like I knew them but I didn't. I had no clue of how Ari and Zane were before she was taken away.  

The whole story was bitter sweet, The love between the couple feels real and raw. Its easy to get caught up in their relationship until you are brought back down to the real world remembering what comes next for the pair. I enjoyed getting to read about the interaction between the families, we got to see her dad before Novo and that was interesting.

I am really struggling to pick a team for this crazy love triangle. Until Love Struck I was team Zane but after these two novellas I just don't know. Zane is just so real with his feelings and his actions but Cal sort of has that bad boy gone good feel about him for me. I suppose I will have to wait until the release of Destiny Rising and see if I can make my decision with the next instalment.

At the end of Beyond Reach Ari remembers something and we have not yet discovered what it is but Light of a thousand stars references what it might be keeping that cliff hanger going. I feel like Siobhan has manage to fit so much into this small portion of book that you come away feeling like you have read a full 300+ page novel. 

I am so excited for Destiny Rising and I can't wait get get my teeth into the rest of the story.

If you have not started this series yet then why not?? Just do it! I promise you will love it. I do.

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