Thursday, 25 June 2015

All it takes by Sadie Munroe


Star got taken away from her mum by social services when she was 9 because her mum was a hoarder and she has lived in foster families since. She gets a call while at college to tell her that her mum has died and that Star needs to clear the house to sell it over the summer.

Ash made the mistake of drinking and driving (which is never a good idea) and he had an accident resulting in the death of the other driver and Ash went to jail. He now has to live with his actions in the small town of Avenue.

The story is written in dual perspectives which keeps the book speedy and fun to read. I don't normally like covers with characters on it because it stops me being able to use my imagination to figure out what they look like but the girl on this cover looks how I imagine Star to look.

Star is nineteen and confident which is nice to read about a girl who is good with herself. She has had it tough but doesn't seem to let that get her down she just carries on like a trooper. Ash was a brilliantly complex character, he looked a mess and his emotions were but we knew his feelings about Star. The pair managed friendship before love and I liked that they went through the usual stages of their relationship.

The romance in this book isn't instant and both Star and Ash like each other long before they start anything which is brilliant because its normal! There were more funny bits than really serious bits but this short novel touched upon a couple of things, Hording and Drink Driving which personally I have never really read about so it was interesting to have that.

The flow of the book was good. I didn't feel like any of it was rushed and there wasn't any bits in there just to add extra words.

The ending let me down a bit. Throughout the story they worry about Star leaving Ash to go back to college but did she? I don't know. The book didn't really conclude.

Over all I really enjoyed reading this book.

Thanks Fro Reading

Em x

*ARC provided through NetGalley in return for an honest review*

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Half Blood by Jennifer L Armentrout. Review

I took this book away on holiday with me as it had been sat on my shelf for a little while and I didn't seem to be ever getting around to it. I have read other books by Jennifer. L. Armentrout and enjoyed them so I am glad that I finally came to my senses and picked this up. So I packed it in my case ready, Then I read a few reviews and the first few I read hated this book. I am very glad I ignored those people.

Granted a lot of the complaints in other reviews point out the similarities between this book and the vampire academy books. but I personally have not read the Vampire Acadamy and so I really enjoyed this book.

I found almost all of the characters in this story interesting and believable. I am a huge Aiden fan.
Alex is super cool and relatable, She isn't a poor and does not have it easy but she fights to survive and protect the ones she loves and that's admirable. Alex is naughty, she doesn't care about the rules of The Covenant and that is a little irritating but only because I was such a goody two shoes at school I used to hate girls like her but Alex is cool. I enjoyed having a female lead who takes care of things herself, who doesn't go running to her boyfriend to figure it out but instead she goes and puts herself in danger trying to clear up her own messes. Ninja she is not so Alex does tend to get her bottom kicked quite a lot but she has the will power that a lot of female leads are missing.

Aiden for me is my favourite character of this book. I mean SWOON but other than that. He seemed a little disinterested in Alex at first and took pity on her because they had been in similar situations. I like that he is hard faced and doesn't give much away because it keeps everyone guessing. Trouble is that Aiden is a true blood so a relationship between a half and a true blood is forbidden.

Seth was confusing for me. I didn't like him at all but I wanted to read more about him I suppose its like how I felt about the Darkling in the Grisha series but Seth is not a bad guy in this book.

The plot moved so quickly that I was at the end of my book before I knew it and on Amazon buying the next book before I knew what was happening.  I loved this book and I am loving the series so far. I can't wait to continue into the plot further.

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Em x