Thursday, 24 March 2016

Catch You by M H Soars

Basically this is a school based romance between the nerdy girl and the hot jock boy but it has a fun mysterious twist.
17 year old Kimberley is having a pretty rubbishy day which is all toped off when Owen knocks into her and doesn't apologise. Kimberley is in such a shitty mood that she decides to get him back by tipping food on his head in the school dining hall. Owen obviously does not understand what he has done to make Kimmy kick off with him but he knows that this is the first time he has really noticed her and Owen thinks she is beautiful!.
Fate is not on Kimberley's side that day because later on her and Owen get partnered up for an English project. Kimberley decides that she will not fall victim to Owen's charms or his good looks.
Things get crazy from there and the pair end up in a desert in Las Vegas.
This Novella was a super speedy and fun read. I got through it all in one sitting and still had lots of time to do other things. It was really fun to read. Its easy to follow what is going on and thee are not too many characters to keep up with. It kind of reminded me of clueless but with a more grown up content.
This book would be the perfect book to get you out of a reading slump or even just to pass a few hours.
Thanks For Reading
Em x

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