Monday, 17 October 2016

Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira


There is a lot going on in this book, a lot of emotions and a few mini story lines within one main story but it was a beautiful read. The story was easy to get into and is written in the form of letters to celebrities that have died so it didn't have specific chapters which I enjoyed because I hate putting a book down half way through a chapter.

The main character Laurel is struggling with the loss of her big sister May. When she begins her school assignment and writes a letter to Kurt Cobain she decides not to hand in the assignment and carry on writing letters instead. Laurel is trying to hide the fact that her sister died and is trying to get along in a new school. 

It is a very sad story really but the letters a written in a more upbeat manner. The letters don't dwell on the sad bits for very long before another problem or drama is pushed in the way instead. The story reminded me of all the bright places a little bit. 

Laurel has had to live through an awful lot and she hasn't managed to find a support network that will help her through it but with her friendship to Hannah and Natalie she manages to gain some strength to begin to talk about what happened to May and also what happened to her. 

Sky and Laurel's relationship was difficult but also it was refreshing that rather than being there all the time and the romance being the focus Sky decided that he wasn't equip to deal with the problems that Laurel was facing.

I enjoyed this book and finished it quite quickly.

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