Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Last Star by Rick Yancey


This is the third and final book in the 5th wave series.

The enemy is Other. The enemy is us.
They’re down here, they’re up there, they’re nowhere. They want the Earth, they want us to have it. They came to wipe us out, they came to save us.
But beneath these riddles lies one truth: Cassie has been betrayed. So has Ringer. Zombie. Nugget. And all 7.5 billion people who used to live on our planet. Betrayed first by the Others, and now by ourselves.
In these last days, Earth’s remaining survivors will need to decide what’s more important: saving themselves…or saving what makes us human.

I loved the first book in this series and also the second book was great. I really like this book too but it didn't have the same feel to it as the first two, i don't know if it is because the book is a lot more serious  or if i was just not in the mood for it when i started reading.

All three of these books have provided the tension that you find in Hunger Games or Twilight and i found the plot quite original in parts and overall it has been enjoyable. I didn't find the ending a surprise however I quite like how it played out for the group.

I can't be sure what happened but in the first two books i quite like Cassie, I thought she was strong and fun but still realistic but for some reason I just couldn't connect with her in this book. All Cassie really thought about in this instalment was Evan and his eyes or arms which was frustrating.
Ben however was brilliant in this book. He was fun to read about and he kept the story going for me. 

Overall the story had a clear plot which was exciting and that was obviously the main objective which is great. The characters were pretty interesting for the most part and the whole series kept me interested enough to get to the end so i am pretty happy with the books.

Thanks For Reading