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The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout


When seventeen-year-old Evie Dasher is caught up in a raid at a notorious club known as one of the few places where humans and the surviving Luxen can mingle freely, she meets Luc, an unnaturally beautiful guy she initially assumes is a Luxen...but he is in fact something much more powerful. Her growing attraction for Luc will lead her deeper and deeper into a world she'd only heard about, a world where everything she thought she knew will be turned on its head...

Lets start off with the fact that I loved this book!! I love that it carries on with the LUX series, even though I probably could have done with recapping the last couple of books. Re reading the other books in the series wasn't necessary however I do think you would have to have some knowledge of the world before delving into this book

I do want to start with the negatives though just to get them out of the way. I did not really like Evie! I found her a bit boring, I even liked her friends a lot better than I liked her. 

I felt like the build up for the story was quite slow which meant that for me the story was only just getting going towards the middle of the book. 

That being said I love Luc, I think his bad boy character is super cool and the kind of Instalove works in this book partly because of the story but also because of the different sides that it manages to show in Luc. 

I loved how quickly I was able to get through this book because none of the story was boring. There were lots of things going on to keep me interested but I didn't find any of the sub plots too distracting. 

I really enjoyed this book and I think that there are so many exciting places Armentrout could take it to in the second book. 

I would recommend this book if you are in the mood for something easy and maybe a tad predictable or if you are a die hard fan of the LUX series then obviously this is for you! 

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