Friday, 8 March 2019

Bring Down the Stars by Emma Scott

I fell for Connor Drake. I didn’t want to; I fought against it, but I fell in love with him anyway. With his words. With his poetry. With him. The gentleness and beauty of his soul that speaks directly to mine. He writes as if he can feel my heart, hear its cadence and compose the exact right lyrics to accompany every beat and flow.
I’m in love with Connor…so why do I feel an inexplicable pull to his best friend, Weston? Grouchy, sullen, brooding Weston Turner, who could cut you down with a look. Fiercely intelligent with a razor sharp wit and acid tongue, he’s the exact opposite of Connor in every way, and yet there’s electricity in the air between us. The thorny barbs Weston wraps around himself can’t keep me away. But the more time I spend with these men, the more tangled and confused my emotions become.
When they both sign up for the Army Reserves during a time of increasing strife in the Middle East, I fear I’ll never unravel my own heart that sometimes feels as if it will tear straight down the middle…for both of them.

I love how this book starts, with both boys at school so you get to see how this strong friendship built to a point that they would literally do anything for each other. We then get to see Connor and Weston go off to College and this is where the real fun starts. Weston meets Autumn first and they have a challenging first meeting which leaves both of them intrigued by the other but instantly Connor arrives and lets say Autumn is smitten from the get go. 
I loved all three of these characters in their own right and that made me really enjoy the three person POV (Which would normally be 1 too many people for me). Autumn, Connor and Weston were all so different that it was clear whose POV you were reading from even without the headings. 
This love triangle was fun and different, it was all woe is me and who should I love but instead it was genuine love for both people. The boys were best friends because they represented parts that the other person didn't have but that is exactly what Autumn fell in love with each of them. 
I'm sure that everybody who has read this book has an ideal pairing in mind and mine would be Weston & Autumn and Connor & Ruby. I would have loved to read the next book in the series anyway but the ending to this book was left on such a cliff hanger that I just need to know!!
I love Emma Scott's writing style, it was so easy and nice that the book flowed so quickly. I enjoy the character descriptions and how the families are all realistic and a little bit messy which makes them relate able and more fun to read about. 
At no point do we spend too much time on irrelevant characters and places which is a nice change. It isn't very often that I pick up a Romance book but I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to read this book. 

Thanks For Reading 

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers review


Young, beautiful and deadly.

Trained as an assassin by the god of Death, Ismae is sent to the court of Brittany, where she finds herself under prepared - not only for the games of intrigue and treason, but for the impossible choices she must make. For how can she deliver Death's vengeance upon a target who, against her will, has stolen her heart?
A dangerous romance full of intrigue, poison and ultimately finding one's way.

Ismae is our main character in this story, she had a bit of a rubbishy start to her life to be honest. Her dad tried to abort her and when that failed he treated her like rubbish for her whole life until he sold her on to another man so that her could continue to treat her badly. 
Thank god or Death i suppose that Ismae was saved. Ismae really grew as a character in the convent but I most loved her once she had met Duval. I think he helped to challenge her and make Ismae work out things about herself that she hadn't before. 
I loved the characters and their progression throughout this story. I felt as though the plot was really well though out and that the characters were all really realistic and relatable. I was a little worried going into this that the era the book is set in would throw me off because I am not used to reading books set in history but to be honest it didnt really make a difference to most of the story anyway. 
I dont want to spoil anything so I am going to try my best not to but I do want to talk about this one specific part of the book. So Duval goes through some difficulties and Ismae spends quite a bit of time trying to figure out why. I figured this out the second he started having problems what was happening, Ismae was given all of the same answers that I was so it annoyed me that it took her so long. 
I wont be continuing with this series because the next book is not based around Ismae and Duval it is instead based around another girl from the convent. I don't feel as invested in the other characters so  I will not spend time on it. 

I would recommend this book though. 
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