Sunday, 21 April 2019

Long Live the Beautiful Hearts by Emma Scott

Long Live the Beautiful Hearts (Beautiful Hearts, #2)

Never again would I allow my heart to become the plaything of someone else. 
Never again would I let a man (or men) come between me and my goals. 
Never again would I love without feeling the fullness of that love in return. 
Not until I knew it was real. And if that took me a lifetime to find, so be it. 
Those were my vows, and after all that had happened with Connor and Weston, I was determined to keep them. To protect my heart. 
And then he came home, and my vows became his promises. 
He held my heart in his hands with reverence and care. 
He helped me find my soul’s greatest purpose in life. 
He loved me with a love so pure and vibrant, I knew I’d never feel anything like it in a hundred lifetimes. 
It was real. 
Until it wasn’t. 
Until it all came crashing down when I discovered the deep love I thought I’d found was nestled in a web of lies—so soft and silken I hadn’t noticed it was there. 
Until it was too late. 

So this is the second book in this series, If you have not read the first book then I am sorry for you but also this will contain major spoilers!
I loved the first book in this beautiful story but it ended on a major cliff hanger and I could not deal with the waiting until I could read this one. I have to admit I was not expecting this book to turn out how it did. 

So I was always a member of the Wes fan club but I would like to upgrade to number one fan status right now! He is such a strong human, He never ever blamed Connor for anything that happened (Which I wont talk about because I dont want to ruin anything). He wallowed in self pity for a while but when he pulled himself together he really was amazing. 

I am pretty sure that I went through all of the emotions possible while reading this instalment. Emma Scotts writing is so beautiful that you cant help but feel what ever the characters are feeling. 

I am really happy that Ruby is in this book so much and that she is able to help Connor out. Autumn is still as beautiful on the inside and out! Autumn and Wes are just perfection! one of my newest favourite book couples!

Thanks for Reading
Em x

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