Sunday, 30 June 2019

The Queens Keeper by J.L. Vampa

What if I told you that everything you knew about your life was a lie and that you’re being hunted? What if I told you that you were prey? 
This is the reality for Luvenia Rousseau. 
Amidst the struggle to survive in a famished, war-torn country and the fight against the phantoms of her past, her family is brutally ripped apart by a tyrant queen’s venomous army. Just when all hope seems lost, she stumbles upon an enchanted realm while the queen hunts for the one who got away.

In theory this should be one of my favourite books. It is a Fantasy with some great character building and a fun romance. Something about this book was just off for me. 

Lets start with the things that this book does really well.

The Characters were really diverse and not only that but we were given enough information that I felt like I knew how they would react in certain situations. I liked that the main characters were kind of linked together and how we were told the back story of nearly all of them. Of course I liked the mystical characters too. 
I liked Darius, In Fact I think he was my favourite character in this entire book. I felt like he was written really well. Darius wasn't to gruff but also wasn't a big softy either and he for the most part didn't baby Luvi at all which was nice. 
I enjoyed the additional elements of magic that creeped into the story but I do wish we had seen more of that. 

I liked (maybe not liked but you know what I mean) that Vampa wasn't scared to kill off characters in the beginning and that it wasn't all happy families for Veni.

Ok now the not so great stuff...
The story was confusing. It took a really long time for me to understand what was going on at all and why there were several different lands. The characters names were interesting but because there are so many main characters I couldn't remember who was who.

The addition of mermaids was what really sent me over the edge I just couldn't handle this additional element. It also felt like Vampa was trying to set up a love triangle that never really needed to happen why can't they just be friends?

This book wasn't for me and it put me into a bit of a reading slump to be honest. 
I would however like to check out other books by Vampa because the character building was pretty great. 

Thanks For Reading
Em x