Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Slumber by Becky Bird


A YA retelling of classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty
Prince Thomas cannot take the throne without a queen. Though the problem isn’t his lack of suitors but his refusal to marry a princess that is less than perfect. 

The cardinal presents him with an opportunity: a quest to find the most beautiful princess in the land who has been in slumber for a century. But, unbeknown to the prince, the cardinal plans to kill him as soon as the prince embarks on his quest, and take the throne for himself. 
Luckily, Prince Thomas’s path crosses with Lucy, a spirited orphan runaway, who saves his life and convinces the prince to continue the quest. When they eventually find Princess Aurora, they also find another contender – Prince Philip – vying for the princess’s heart. 

Despite their mutual disdain for each other, Lucy agrees to assist the prince, and Thomas accepts her help to keep him alive long enough to beat out his competition and return to rule his kingdom alongside his perfect bride. 
They just don’t count on falling for each other in the process.

As a massive Disney fan you know I expected a lot from this book! If you are going to write a Sleeping Beauty retelling then I will obviously expect it to be Sleeping Beauty standards. That being said Sleeping Beauty is one of my least favourite Disney Princess movie. 
I didn't read the full blurb because I already knew I wanted to read the book.

This story was a quick read and so much fun! I enjoyed following the story of Lucy and Thomas in his quest to find the beautiful princess Aurora. I loved the way Aurora was portrayed as a beautiful but a bit dim witted princess. Aurora is only worried about looks and how beautiful she can be, Usually this would be really annoying however it was actually funny! Prince Philip was a lot like Aurora but a little more annoying and he was also a lot of fun. I enjoyed this different take on two characters that we know really well. 

Thomas and Lucy didn't get on at all in the beginning and that is what made them such a fun pair to read about. 

I would love to read more about these two. 

Thank You for Reading

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